DEMOKAN SEMRA, MSc, PhD, Istanbul University, Oncology Institute, Istanbul, Turkey

Prof.Dr. Semra Demokan (MSc, PhD) is a Principle Investigator, a Basic Oncologist, Head of Division of Experimental and Molecular Oncology in Oncology Institute and a member of ERASMUS commission in Oncology Institute. She is a founding member of Experimental and Molecular Oncology PhD Program in Basic Oncology Department and founding member of Supportive Care and Palliative Treatment in Oncology PhD Program in Clinical Oncology Department. She is a consultant member of the Community Medicine Application and Research Center (THUAM) board. She led the establishment of The Basic Oncology Society and is currently the chairman of the association. Dr. Demokan obtained her B.S in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Bogazici University, master’s and doctorate degree in Oncological Biology and Immunology, Basic Oncology, both from Istanbul University, Oncology Institute. She worked as a scholar at Johns Hopkins University for 2 years. She became an associate professor in Medical Biology in 2011. She received the title of Professor in Basic Oncology Department, Oncology Institute, Istanbul University in 2017. Prof.Dr. Semra Demokan has focused on the basic oncology, molecular cell biology, molecular biology and genetics, medical biology, experimental and molecular oncology, cancer biology, oncological biology and immunology, molecular epidemiology, discovery of epigenetic biomarkers in the early detection, screening and monitoring of head and neck, breast and colon cancers, malignant melanoma, brain tumors. Dr. Demokan has published more than 50 publications in prestigious journals with more than 700 citations (only SCI, h-index: 15). She has received national and international awards in this research field. She has been principal investigator in several national studies some of which are funded by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), which is the most prominent scientific funding agency of Turkey. Semra Demokan has directed 12 master’s theses, 3 doctoral theses as a supervisor. Within the scope of 2248-Mentorship Program (TUBITAK-BIDEB), she provides consultancy to 3 undergraduate students as a mentor.