Monthly Seminar Meetings

  1. ‘Multiomic Approaches In Personalized Medicine in Cancer’ Prof.Dr. Ugur Sezerman, 23rd March 2022.
  2. ‘Targeting Endoplasmic Reticulum Related Degradation in Breast Cancer’, Prof.Dr. Gizem Dinler Doganay, 21th April 2022
  3. ‘Applications Of Serial Femtosecond X-Ray Crystallography in Development Of Next Generation Anti-Cancer Drugs At Physiological Temperature’ Assist.Prof.Dr. Hasan Demirci, 17th May 2022
  4. ‘The Relationship of NLRP7 Protein with Mol Pregnancy and Endometrial Cancer’, Prof.Dr. Nesrin Ozoren, 23rd June 2022
  5. ‘Organoid and 3D Cell Models in Cancer Research’, Prof.Dr. Betul Yılmaz, 06th July 2022
  6. ‘Cancer Stem Cell and Immunologıcal Resistance: An Example of Small Cell Lung Cancer’, 25th August 2022
  7. ‘Stem Cell and Immun Modulation’, Prof.Dr. Tunç Akkoç, 28th September 2022
  8. ‘In Cancer by Integration of Big Omic Datas Bioinformatic Approaches to Diver Gene Discovery’, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hilal Kazan, 28th October 2022
  9. ‘Current Perspectıves in Cardıo-Oncology’, Prof.Dr. Mehmet Birhan Yilmaz, 21th November 2022
  10. ‘Single Cell And Spatial Transcriptomics: Applications in Cancer Research’, Evgeny V. Denisov, 20th December 2022
  11. ‘Accelessing The Transition From The Preclinic Stage to The Clinical Stage in Drug Development Studies: New Approaches in In Sılıco Methods’, Prof.Dr. Serdar Durdagı, 27th January 2023
  12. ‘ Hıgh Resolutıon Cancer Data Analysıs Panel’, Asist.Prof. Muhammed Erkan Karabekmez, Assist.Prof. Mehmet Baysan, 28th February 2023