Awards & Scholarships

1st International Basic Oncology Congress Research Awards (02-04 June 2022)

Oral Abstracts Prizes

1st AYSE BANU DEMIR – A phylogenetic approach to evaluate the relation between mirna expressions and hepatitis C virus in hepatocellular carcinoma

2nd SENA SEN – Novel epigenetic biomarker determination for OSCC by array-based epigenomic and transcriptomic techniques

3rd GOZDE KURU-TURKCAN – Transcriptomic differences in monozygotic twins with ovarian cancer

3rd MILAD ASADI – Downregulation of SLC-16 can increase apoptosis level in gastrointestinal cancer

3rd UFUK MERT – Investigation of circular RNAs as biomarkers in head and neck cancer cells and the

effects of radiotherapy on circular RNAs

Poster Abstracts Prizes

1st SEMRA DEMOKAN – Investigation of methylation and expression status of PAX1 gene via epigenomic profiling in oral malignant lesions

2nd HILAL TASKIRAN – Generation of Tumor Spheroids from Gastric Cell Lines, SNU-484 and NCI-N87

3rd SAFIYE AKTAS – Effect of Thymoquinone in combination with Nivolumab on Experimental Renal Cell Cancer Models

3rd SAINA RAHIMI – Evaluation of exosome-derived circRNA expression patterns in lung cancer radiothreapy

3rd YAGMUR KAYA – Antimetastatic potential of curcumin in anaplastıc thyroıd cancer and combined activity with docetaxel